11 DIY Copywriting Techniques For Working From Your Kitchen Table?…(Part 4)

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Yesterday’s Tip…

And now for the next technique…

Start every web page and/or blog post with a descriptive title.

Headline’s are very important, but that’s not what I mean when I refer to “title.” We’ll cover headlines later in this series.

In this context, when I say “title,” I’m referring to a gizmo inside of your WordPress blog where you can input a Title, Page Description and Meta Keywords. If you’re using WordPress, you should have SEO settings located under where you would be typing up your page or post. Here’s an idea of what I’m talking about…your theme may be different…

You want to make sure you fill these out completely. The bottom one – meta keywords – doesn’t matter as much, if at all, but the other two do.

Here’s why…

You’re Writing For Two Audiences

People and search engines.  This is not the same thing as what we talked about yesterday, you are still writing to ONE person, & many machines-Search Engines.

Although search engines will never buy your products or services, or join your deal, they can drive qualified people to your web and/or blog site.  Search engines understand copy/content.  They don’t read logos, head shots, flash or video, but they do read your copy.

Here’s What You Must Make Sure You Start Doing

Write with descriptive page titles that explain succinctly and specifically what the focus of the page or post is. Keep the title description to 60 characters or under. Here’s an example of what I mean by “succinctly and specifically” … Instead of  writing “Services” you’d write “Holistic Healing Services in Southwest Michigan.” See the difference?

These titles that you create for your pages and posts is often the first thing prospects see on the search results page.

Check Out This Example

Here’s a good example of a search I did on Google for “Kalamazoo Acupuncture.”

Notice that it doesn’t take a copywriting genius to get this right. They’ve written a clear title. This title gives people a compelling reason to click on the link.

In the description area, they’ve given a specific and concise about who they are and what they do. They even ended with a call to action, and included a phone number.

Okay, today you’ve learned the importance and relative simplicity of completing your title and description fields inside of your WordPress blog. If you haven’t been doing this, start doing so. Go back to old posts and be sure you’re happy with what you’ve written.

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