Synergistic Solutions – Are They Found In A Precription?

Where Does Your Health Come From?

Inspired by a blog post on one of my social media platforms,I am sharing my first ever video of myself.  That article was titled “If you could walk again would you take this pill?”  This is my first video for two reasons,

1. It’s not because I’m ashamed of my appearance, abilities
or challenges, it is from that huge four letter word called fear.

2. The other reason is I was finally presented with an opportunity for someone to take the video. This is an impromptu and funny clip!  Enjoy & comment if so inclined.

Much of our fear probably comes from our childhood when those mean little children, our peers, make fun of us; yes, even 55 years later it can still have an effect us or it may have been the fear that we’re going to displease our parents or teachers.  Fear that people will laugh at you, fear that you’re not good enough or smart enough…writing that made me think of the Saturday Night Live skit, – “but gosh darn it people like me!”

I’m guessing that most of you have heard what FEAR stands for…             False Evidence Appearing Real.

As one who acquired a challenge after 30 yrs of being able to walk, run, ride a bike, write a note with a pen, climb literal mountains, my figurative mountain is called M.S. & I’ve been humbled by my experiences of gradually loosing more than the ability to walk.

I’ve chosen to search for synergistic solutions, of which I’ve discovered quite a few.

Being a firm believer that health and nutrition begins within I’ve refused conventional “pills” that only mask symptoms.

We need to maintain balance in our relationships, behaviors, environment and our spirit.  It would be too simple and convenient were a pill be developed that kept the behavior, relational and environmental factors in check.  However, a “pill” approach leaves the spirit vulnerable to stagnation.

Over the past 20 years I’ve also learned a plethora of wonderful things about myself and humanity in general, as well as learning to adapt to and accept my lessons for personal growth.  I can’t imagine any other way to have learned or experienced these lessons than thriving despite of these challenges.

Life and living IS what you make of it because we all have a story of circumstances, choices and consequences.  It only matters what you do with or about those events.

I am on the fence about “taking a pill” mainly because I have spent 20 years avoiding pills so I’d want more info on “that pill” first.  Auto immune disorders are different than being paralyzed by an accident.

I believe auto-immune disorders are a consequence of our circumstances
and personal choices to go with the convenience factors presented to us as conclusions to challenges as if they were the only or best option by the system of Commerce.

Naturally there are 2 sides of this fence;

1.  You only follow the doctor’s orders and continue supporting the commerce of the Pharmaceutical industry.


2. You follow the natural path of the Source that Created all LIFE.

The choice is a personal one and I’m not making any claims to prevent, mitigate or cure anything, I’m simply sharing my experiences.

Contact me personally if you’re curious about the synergistic solutions that I’ve found to help myself and might help anyone else on this journey.

Thanks for reading, subscribing above, commenting below & sharing everywhere!