A Look At The Annual MLM Sales Cycle…

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WOW – The hustle of the holidays is over.

That means another season of shopping, wrapping gifts, and social gatherings is over for now. Your email is probably full of offers.  Offers from every imaginable online retailer and local restaurant trying to compete with the first “Groupon” or “Living Social” deals of 2013!

What about your personal economy though?  What are you doing to ensure it’s growth and continued success in 2013?  I haven’t found any better work from home program in 25 years of searching.

If you are already involved in a Network Marketing opportunity you may or may not be aware of the amazing opportunity ahead of you for 2013.  You need to be armed with knowledge about some of the major “Annual MLM Sales Cycles,” so that you will have a better understanding of where you are now and what you need to do next for your own success.

We just finished a “Home for the Holidays” phase. Whether you live in the US or Canada, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the other holidays were great times to get back in touch with people.

We don’t recommend turning the office party or family party into a “Sales Gathering.”  However, when people naturally re-connect with you, they are bound to ask what you have been up to, etc. We recommend saying something like this when they ask, “Business is great! I just connected with a new supplier and people can’t keep their hands off the new products we’ve got!”  Then if they show interest you can add, “Hey, I have a great idea… let’s get together for coffee this next week after the holiday and I can get you more details.” And then say, “So, what’s new with you guys?”

Leave it at that for now and follow up later.  That’s a very synergistic solution for health and wealth!

Now that the holidays are over, companies and distributors are primed and ready for the New Year!  I mean, who doesn’t start out the New Year with some type of resolve?  Resolve to find a new job – start a business – loose weight -quit smoking!  We are in front of the biggest natural “wave” of new network marketing business builders that we will be in front of all year.

Catch The Wave! Be ready for the surge when it comes. In fact, these next two quarters are the biggest growth phases in the

MLM Annual Sales Cycle   “Annual MLM Sales Cycle.” Take advantage of these built in waves of business!

Create Your Dreams! Improve Your Health! 

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