The Amazing Healing Gift Of Hemp…

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The Healing Gift of Hemp

(Without the “high”)

Some have asked; “Then why use CBD, if no “high?”

I ask “What if you knew the secret cause behind every disease and illness?”

blackboard with-the chemical formula of cbd

Chemical Formula of CBD

Do you ever wonder what the common denominator is in all of our conditions, especially auto-immune disorders?

If you found out what was driving your pain and fatigue, would you sit up and take notice?

Medical researchers have now identified inflammation as the underlying culprit in our impairments.

  • When our body becomes infected or acidic or deficient in minerals and so on, it heats up to deal with the invaders and heroically  struggles to re-balance our system rather than cause a disability.
  • Ordinarily it would do its assigned job and then subside without affecting your health & wellness.
  • But our incredibly high levels of stress, along with the relentless demands made on our time and attention, result in an unnatural state of chronic over-inflammation or disability that affects our health and sense of wellness.

So what to do? Some say that the revered hemp plant has an amazing synchronicity with our cells, our organs, our tissues.  Perhaps reliable research can confirm reports that hemp, specifically CBD from Hemp, is capable of calming and cooling our over-heated systems.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a strain of the hemp plant’s natural oil.  CBD is at the very heart of the plant’s seemingly wondrous and numerous healing powers!

Cannabidiol cbd cannabis molecule has antipsychotic effects.

When we are able to release the burden of our physical and emotional challenges, we are free to focus on using our beautiful gifts — unrestricted by the ravages of time and toxins.

  • What would it mean to you to regain your vitality and passion.
  • To return to a state of well-being and energy;
  • To have the serenity to simply be present to your children;
  • To engage your deep spiritual nature and make a difference…?


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To our health,

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    • Thank you for visiting & commenting. I am aware of these issues however, If you notice I’ve been a sabbatical & refocus time & plan to revamp my Blog/site in the coming months.

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