American Manufacturing Has Shown Growth the Past 2 Years, Can “Made In America” Branding Be Revived?

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That growth rate is, According to  I believe it’s time to reconstruct American manufacturing which could resurrect our economy & our ecology.

I believe that this country could have tremendous potential for recovery simply by utilizing the incredible resources from the most misunderstood plant which was actually mandated to be grown in America in the not so distant past.  These misconstrued concepts were created by certain industries big $$$ campaigns.

Great gains were made in this country when products were developed here and sent as exports rather than having to purchase products as imports.  This also allows us to control the quality of products distributed.

Currently our country is controlled and dominated by Big Oil, Big Pharma and The Federal Reserve, not necessarily in that order. The Federal Reserve cannot continue to print more money and not keep our country from going bankrupt. The oil companies cannot be allowed to continue destroying the world with toxic emissions, emptying out underground caverns filled with crude oil and causing destructive oil spills in the oceans.

The pharmaceutical companies should not be allowed to continue placing advertisements that act like they are “playing Doctor.” Most of the ads warn us of side effects even more daunting than the original problem. It is very rare to find an individual, like myself, who is not taking at least one medication on a regular basis. If you think about it, every one of these people are filling our water supply with the ingredients that their body has ingested! The sanitation systems are unable to remove every particle of those substances from the water supply. This says nothing for the production pollution of these pharmaceutical companies.

I think it’s time we got back to the basics and restructured our culture to rely more on earth’s natural plant based resources, especially Hemp .

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