An Old Man And The Sea…

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No, I’m not reviewing nor rewriting Hemingway’s classic!

I’m spreading the news about another man who loves the sea & life.

Tom Harper was growing plankton to feed his shellfish.

In my opinion, taking plankton from the ocean would be a way of endangering all life on this orb we call Earth.  That’s why Tom’s Sea Farm is so unique…it gives back more than it takes.

Destroying our oceans is one way to cause cataclysmic deaths, for humans, animals & vegetation.

Global ecology, Social & Financial responsibility is everyone’s concern & always should be.

Not polluting, depleting or or otherwise contaminating Earth’s precious resources is of utmost importance to our survival.  As if that’s NEWS to anyone!

The way some corporations & individuals conduct business or live their lives…maybe it is a newsflash.

This MarinePhytoplankton presentation will effectively make my point.

Being proud of what you represent is a critical factor in your success. Representing my primary company is an honor & a privilege…as cheesy as that sounds.  I have yet to find a more trustworthy, responsible & stable company to place my trust in.

Providing Nutrition, Protecting the Earth & Preserving Health is what I’m all about.

If you’d like to join me in this quest please visit my Restoration90 site today!  You’ll find a program fits your needs & budget either as a product user or as a distributor.

For those of you just starting out or maybe you’ve started already & just want the support of a team of entrepreneurs to help improve your skills.  Join the Renegade Team today.

I’m just a messenger, your perception of my success or failure has no bearing upon yours so don’t them be factors in your decision.

1/31/13..Revision…I can no longer stand behind nor support the company and products spoken of here.

Thanks for visiting, reading, commenting & sharing!  Come back soon.


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