Are your doctors quick to order unnecessary & risky pharmaceutical Drugs

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Comparing Pharma Sales Incentives to Political Contributions From Special Interest Groups…

When I queried Google with “What are the rules for pharmaceutical sales reps?”  I couldn’t get a clear set of guidelines which could be worrisome.

The first result was all about fair labor laws for reps.  WOW the Supreme Court has to get involved in deciding whether those “poor” pharmaceutical sales reps get overtime pay or not?  The page also featured a link to register for a seminar in Rio…? Let’s refine my search…

This query’s 1st result was equally enlightening…”Do pharmaceutical sales reps give perks to doctors?”  Pfizer Pharmacuetical Sales Rep salary and job description hmmm? did I ask about that?

The 2nd result…The Benefits of Being a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.  I didn’t take time to look…

OK let’s look at that query’s 3rd result…WHAT??? From 2001 From USAToday…Sales pitch: Drug firms use perks to push pills.  YIKES…none of these match my query.

I think doctor’s might be too quick based on an article in today’s Huffington Post.

A different YouTube query gave me this video…

It’s no wonder that this yet unknown disabled online marketer has to struggle to get attention.  I don’t immediately provide fancy cars and trips…instead I offer ways for you work for those perks.

VS…Campaign Contributions

A Google query “guidelines for campaign contributions to a presidential candidate” were not as vague & evasive. A citizen’s guide.

The guidelines for political contributions are fairly generous in my opinion.

Even though there are regulations on contributions don’t you think ways to work around them have been discovered & abused?

Any way you look at it–nearly everything revolves around money.  If the best candidate doesn’t have enough money they won’t win.  If a sales rep doesn’t provide the info or perks to doctors a pharmaceutical company might loose millions or billions…this does not make me sad – sorry.

Personally, I refuse to donate my body to science while I’m still using it!

My so called “political agenda” is simply to share the Health Kindness & Opportunity that I’ve gained & earned through ForeverGreen’s healthy foods & opportunity.  (edited 8/31/12 – I can now only recommend their products and not so much their business opportunity.

ForeverGreen is a principle driven company that gives back to the community for the Happy Children Foundation established by their Founder, Ron Williams, for one.  Members are also encouraged to participate in their respective communities to make a difference.

Peace out!
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