Are Economic Changes Decreasing the Value of your Degree?

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I doubt that this is news to very many of my readers, but if you are currently working to earn a Degree or get a new one…well then stop reading this post now!By the time you pay off the fees, tuition, etc…your job  description & title could be obsolete.

With the current state of America’s economy & job market an individual in college is not likely or rather quite unlikely to be able to find employment in their chosen field.

To quote Adam Davidson of the New York Times published Nov 23, 2011… “One of the greatest changes is that a college degree is no longer the guarantor of a middle-class existence. Until the early 1970s, less than 11 percent of the adult population graduated from college, and most of them could get a decent job. Today nearly a third have college degrees, and a higher percentage of them graduated from nonelite schools. A bachelor’s degree on its own no longer conveys intelligence and capability. To get a good job, you have to have some special skill — charm, by the way, counts — that employers value. But there’s also a pretty good chance that by some point in the next few years, your boss will find that some new technology or some worker overseas can replace you.”

All of this provides excellent reasons to develop your persona, find your niche”, & start your own home based business online.  Just taking those first steps are absolutely the hardest part…if you’re like most people the “fear factor” the fear of change are all that is stopping you.

You’ve probably heard that “More millionaires were made through Network Marketing than all other industries combined,” or that “More millionaires were created in the Great Depression than any time in history.”  We can have both factors working in our favor even if you aren’t involved in a company or organization currently.

There are many types of tools, tutorials, programs, products, and more to help even the novice.  Here is an excellent place to begin:

Check it out by clicking the image above

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