Are Our Thoughts Expanding Or Diminishing?

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Our “free thought” processes might be more controlled & connected to one little word…Like.

If one’s messages don’t get enough “Like” clicks… or your videos… or your fan page, one may as well be invisible.

Interesting how poignant a thought the following image I found on Reddit is for today’s marketplace, media & trends!

Then I read an article found on reminding us of Orwell’s book 1984.  A relevant read…

How much of what we “boomers” (the largest demographic sector) have been taught has been altered in some fashion in order to make society conform to a political agenda?

Altered by technology, scientific advancement, political influence, media reports, special interest groups, publications & personal experiences, beliefs and preferences.

With data changing by the millisecond how does one keep up & compete?  Has it all come down to whether or not your “Like” is clicked?

There is conflicting “evidence” or “opinion” at every blink!  Are your beliefs and preferences formed by your choice of media selections?  Your demographic group?  Your peers?

How does one determine what is actually true anymore?  Which brings to mind a poem I wrote prior to my blogging days… it follows…

Sept 14, 2004

What is Truth?

I gotta take a stand

How do I choose what to stand for?

If I take a solid stance

Only to discover later

That I led someone astray

What a mess I could make

How am I to fore know the effect?

I’m simply telling my version of reality

But to call it truth could be fatal

You say it’s not truth for you


What is truth?

When do you know it is truth?

By definition says Webster

Conformity to fact or logic

A statement proven as fact

Such as gravity

What goes up must come down

Modern philosophy says

Truth to me may not be truth to you

Truth to you

May be a huge dilemma for me

By definition, truth has to be true

True whether one knows it or not

True whether one believes it or not

It’s just true

Truth can’t be subjective, only opinion can.

Otherwise, “What is truth?

Lori Emmons (bold added from the original)


Aren’t we behaving with “herd mentality?”  Do you get “Like” clicked often enough to “make a difference?”

That is my main focus… To “make a difference”- a difference in America, in humanity, our environment, our energy sources, employment opportunities, & inspire a paradigm in our reality.  A paradigm in improved health & wellness, environment & energy sustainability.

Join in the journey by creating a demand for hemp based products by buying, using & giving hemp based products.  Convince our government of the need to change outdated regulations on hemp’s abilities & necessary resources.  Increase exports not imports.  Industrial hemp could provide us with many synergistic solutions.

Support American based organizations, build awareness, & make a difference.  This can be done with 3 different options…

  • 1. Buy products made of hemp.
  • 2. Become an activist too.
  • 3. Become a member of congress working toward this much needed paradigm in our ridiculous legislation!
  • Oh, Option 4…pretend you didn’t read this & continue with your current truth.

Do you agree with or believe everything you are told without question? Do you have beliefs that your society or culture has altered to justify some other agenda or “supposed truth”?

Thanks for reading, subscribing above, commenting below & sharing everywhere!

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