Are We Dieting Again? Doesn’t It Suck?

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Is a Diet Ever Going To Work Permanently?

There are so many different philosophies, programs & concepts about that nasty tasting FOUR LETTER WORD.

measuring tape with 2 supplementsDiet truly can be a cuss word.  We wish dieting & weight management was as easy as taking 2 pills & waking up trim, toned & lean.

There are as many different died fads as there are types of pills it seems.

Why is that none seem to have lasting effects?

A few factors I see as legitimate reasons why…

  • Humanity’s perpetual search for utopia,
  • Our incessant search for convenience,
  • Search for comfort & ease,
  • Our food sources are night & day different than original design,
  • Capitalism wants us to believe in a NEW & IMPROVED method/system.
  • Some claim that they’ve developed a secret formula for weight management.
  • Not having to labor in the soil to survive.
  • Our quest for the fountain of youth.
  • It takes at least 90 days to develop a new habit & by then we are ready to give up if we haven’t already.

Don’t get me wrong, gardening used to be a favorite activity but I’m happy that I don’t have to depend upon my ability to raise & preserve enough food for my own & my family’s survival!

5 common pitfalls of Fad Diets…image of a dieting strategy chart.

  1. Always feel hungry,
  2. Lack of energy,
  3. Loose sense of humor & self awareness,
  4. Willpower against cravings,
  5. Causes jitters & loose muscle strength,

So, what is required to make a diet effective in this age of convenience?

  • Recognize our sense of being full before we over eat.
  • Provide all the nutrients needed for optimum health.
  • A program that works for 100% of the people 100% of the time.
  • Find the “perfect food” that is nutritional  & satisfying.

I must go for today but would love to hear what your dieting challenges are.  You’d probably not like to be public about it so send me an email on my contact me page.

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