Are You Challenged & Living In DME Alley Too?

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What IS That You Might Be Asking?

If you are differently-abled, disabled or physically challenged you probably already figured out or know what it means.

Lovingly referring to these tools in a somewhat humorous way helps maintain my attitude, independence, freedom and dignity.

DME stands for Durable Medical Equipment.

Living with Multiple Sclerosis(MS) and a man that has Cerebral Palsy(CP) provides an abundance of what I like to call attachments, extra baggage to some.

I call the storage area DME Alley as a means of acceptance of an unsightly part of our necessary decor.  Being a perfectionist type of housekeeper it used to be a stress factor for me.

Between the pair of us we posses

  • Five 3-wheel scooters,
  • A Jazzy electric chair,
  • Two wheelchairs,
  • Three 4-wheel walkers,
  • A plastic leg brace,
  • A pair of short-leg braces,
  • A pair of forearm crutches (plus several spares with parts missing for repairs)
  • And an assortment of cups with lids and straws – what I call sippy cups.
  • Tommy lift on the truck to transport scooters to festivals, concerts and plays!
  • Oh yeah, he also has an oxygen concentrater
Out for a st-roll

Soakin up some summer!!

Telling you all this is not meant as a means to gain sympathy.  It’s purpose is to encourage, entertain and educate you on preventing the preventable, and avoiding the avoidable.

M.S. is a personal challenge I deal with the best way I can.  It has helped me to become more compassionate, more accepting of others and empathetic of the human condition.

The DME allows us to lead more “normal” lives and allows us to ride the bike trails, ride over to the mall and library, etc.  One of my favorites is camping which would not happen without the love of a few best friends!

Our camping buddies!

We call ourselves The Traveling Doodlers! 8th annual 2011

This is what I call Blessed, fortunate an FUN.  I’d love to hear what you do to socialize and how you manage it.

Thanks for visiting & reading, commenting below, subscribing above & sharing everywhere!

To our health,

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