Are You Disabled & Searching for a Legitimate Online Marketing Business?

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I Know I was, because there are so many misleading ones out there!

Living & dealing with  a disability is not an easy place to be.  Suddenly or otherwise, you may be find yourself feeling like you’re trapped.  Feeling like you have no purpose in life. Feeling like there’s no way out.  You feel that there’s got to be a way to work from home!

All of that can leave you feeling frustrated, scared & alone.  Being diagnosed over 18 years ago with Multiple Sclerosis was a wake-up call for me.  Having been an at-home-mom, without a college degree, & had very limited work experience, I went in search of possibilities.

I knew I had to find a way to supplement the very small SSDI check.  I had to find & carve out a new purpose for myself.

Add to that the fact that my physical abilities are compromised, hasn’t made my search any easier either.

One of the most important things you & I can do for ourselves is learn new skills, & attitudes that will enhance the quality of our lives & businesses.  For me, I definitely want & need to learn more about creating videos which is all the rage these days. Seems everyone has a few of them posted now.  A person could spend the rest of their days watching these clips! 

Okay, so you may have joined an MLM company and if so, you probably love the products or services but find the typical marketing methodologies taught by your organization to be ineffective & undesirable especially as a physically challenged individual.  I know I do or did.

If you’re newly differently-abled, as I like to call it, or physically challenged, Join my email list for tips on maintaining a positive attitude, in the upper right hand corner of this page.

I have found several tools to help you get started.  My first recommendation would be

Discover your niche’ & unique offer & get started today!

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