Are You Engaged & Evolving With The New Economy?

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Out With The Old, In With The New, Our New Empathy Economy Is waiting for us right now!

That old cliche’ works here, I’ll tell you why…

an old fashioned toy globe sitting on a new cell phone.

Connecting globally sure has changed for my generation!

A major paradigm is occurring in our economy, or rather has occurred and it’s waiting for you and me to jump in and start a new career/business.

With our basic human needs all met in our advanced society we are no longer forced to work all day in the fields just to be able to have our next meal or maintain the roof above us.  That fact is likely a contributing factor of the rise in degenerative diseases in the U.S.

We, in the industrialized countries anyway, have the possibility to CHOOSE what our life’s work can be.  We can now choose and create our own career filled with passion and purpose to become prosperous.

The age of taking over “the family biz” or “going to college to get a good job,” are all but gone.  Probably not news to you either.

This topic is a big challenge for me as well.  This new economy is more along my speed because of my history, physical condition and limited success in other types of work.  Finding your niche’ may be the toughest part.

You must take an inventory of your interests, beliefs, talents and skills and use them as a foundation to build upon.

Then do some serious market research to find an area of need – a problem you can provide a solution for based on the above.

I’d love to hear some feedback on your interpretations of how you perceive me & my content.  I feel like I’ve lost touch with my original intent of being a hemp activist simply because I started thinking too much that it affected my mindset and I’ve been avoiding doing what I’m least sure of myself at doing.

I am aware of a couple things already, things like – I should be creating videos of myself about what I can offer of value to you, develop my own product & creating my own marketing funnel for starters.

I’m comfortable with writing & sharing information but is my presentation way out of date or annoying?

I would seriously love some serious feedback from you with suggestions & opinions which you may leave below.

Thanks for visiting & reading, commenting below, subscribing above & sharing everywhere!

To our health,

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