Are You Hanging Out With The Type Of Folks Like You Want To Become?

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Do Your Associates Hold High Expectations For You To Succeed?

This is a question I had to ask myself and have to keep in the forefront  of my mind.  This video brought my madness into perspective!

Why I persist in what some may consider to be my madness.  Mind you, that most of my friends are lifelong.  I’m not quick to end these relationships.

However, I’m fairly certain that when I reach the level of success I’m working to attain…those relationships are destined to drastically change.

It’s true that it’s quite often your family and friends from keep you from reaching your full potential.  I know, it seems crazy to think that way, however it’s a fact.

But if you think about it a little harder our friends are our friends because we probably have a lot in common. When one of us changes the dynamics there is likely to be a falling out.

Everyone is comfortable with the way things are, but very few are comfortable with the changes that may occur in a relationship because of changes in schedules, ambitions, goals, or interests.

It is just as common to self sabotage our own success for the fear of the unknown, fear of change or fear of not being liked and accepted by your current friends.


mentors and training

mentors and training

Those are some of the reasons it is important to find a mentor or team of people to support your efforts and goals.  Like minded people are more supportive and understand the methods behind the madness of why you’re doing what you’re doing.  It doesn’t matter what your niche’ or idea is in this new empathy driven economy.  We each can create our own place in the market.

Friends and family sort of expect you to act like and do what you’ve always done in order to remain comfortable and avoid change.  Change can be scary and challenging as we all know.  These fears are manageable if you have some support and direction.

One way I’ve been able to overcome many of these types of challenges was by joining the DMC+ team with my mentor, Ann Seig.  Ann and her 80/20 team are at our disposal and their expertise keeps me abreast of all the hottest tips, trends and techniques. Using our resources like The Attraction Marketers Manifesto I’m learning how to reach my target market.

We’d love to have you on board The DMC+ Team (Direct Marketing Coach) of entrepreneurs!  This is one of the most helpful places to hang around with the types of people that we are becoming.

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