Are You Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired? Part 2

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Continued from yesterday Part 1

This is quite disturbing & not for the faint-hearted;

Have you or your children been getting more & more colds, “sinus or respiratory infections,” more migraine headaches, lethargy, skin rashes, early puberty, mood disorders – or any number of other illnesses?

Milk & Monsanto – Read the article from 1/28/11 in the Huff Post & I just found it today from a Facebook friend.

Also, I quit drinking milk about 20 years ago before I knew any of this & when I started suffering chronic sinus infections that mysteriously went away after I stopped consuming milk.  I stopped believing the Dairy Association’s advertising & discovered

Apologies to anyone whom I may have upset their milk cart.  I would be remiss if I remained silent and simply accepted the advertisements fed us by the 1% of huge corporations like the Dairy Assn. & believed everything I see on Television!

GMO foods are another very scary production.  It remains to be seen what effects they will have on human health & wellness.  The poisons alone, used in growing GMO crops are certainly harmful and creating stronger, resistant bugs.

Aspartame is likely another source of illness & fatigue as articles like this show.  Why are so many folks accepting all this detrimental propaganda? What can we do to stand together to demand safety for our food supply?

My best solution, without instigating protests or riots, is to create awareness among our friends, peers, co-workers, etc.  I wouldn’t want to share all this scary stuff without also providing information & resources for alternative choices.

My first suggestion to reduce exposure to the toxins referred to above is to always get 60-90% of your groceries from the perimeter of the store –

  • your vegetables & fruits
  • whole grain breads,
  • nuts & seeds,
  • free range meats,
  • cage free eggs,
  • real butter
  • 100% fruit or vegetable juices (no high fructose corn syrup).

Try changing habits gradually with 1 or 2 menu items per week.  This process employs a system I call “transfer buying.”  Living on a fixed income requires extra strategies to stay on budget, so I KNOW it can be done!

These changes are easy when you consider the savings of

  • lower doctor bills
  • less sick time
  • less soda pop & candy expense
  • less weight gain
  • lower cholesterol
  • less prescription costs
  • less coffee (Starbucks etc)
  • more energy
  • better rest
  • best of all, a better outlook on life!

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