Aspartame-Should You Consume it or Completely Avoid it?

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What wasn’t presented to the FDA in a 1975 study:

“In their investigation, the FDA 1975 Task Force reviewed a study done for Searle in 1969 by Dr. Harry Waisman, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin. The study involved feeding aspartame mixed with milk to seven infant monkeys. After 300 days, five monkeys had gran mal seizures and one died. Dr. Waisman died before all of his studies were completed. The Task Force uncovered that when Searle had submitted the Waisman study to the FDA, all the negative data had been omitted (The Deadly Deception 6-7).”  To quote the renowned Dr. Mercola…the complete article is here:

Then WHY do we give the FDA so much credibility?

The FDA probably has protected us from some harm, & there surely needs to be some governing entity in place.  However, how can we be certain that said entity is not subject to  propaganda & profiteering agendas of individuals or corporations?  We are remiss in believing that just because the FDA is a government agency/bureau/program, or whatever  it is, doesen’t mean they are without human frailties.

It seems strange to me that the obesity rate in America appears to correlate to the introduction & increase of the inclusion of this suspicious substance.

Personally, I had discovered several years ago that I can worsen my symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis simply bu chewing one piece of gum containing the destructive & detrimental substance.  How many diabetics are destroying their nervous systems with Aspartame?  It is a neuro-toxin for me which I avoid like the plague.  Could it be a factor in having my disability?

I’ll be back with this topic another day…please share your thoughts on this below…


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