Aspartame’s Secret Wars & Silent Killers – Be Informed…

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Conflicting test results & personal results of many:

A cringe is all I can muster on these types of ingredients.

Be A Label Reader & Stay Healthy

Aspartame is found increasingly in more & more packaged foods.

Soy Lecithin Is possibly as frequently found in our food products at as high a rate as fructose corn syrup.

Most “scientific” reports claim that Aspartame is harmless & undeniably safe; such as that at Science-Based Medicine.

This excerpt from Wikipedia – “Food additive safety evaluations by many countries have led to approval” of aspartame, citing the general lack of adverse effects following consumption in reasonable quantities.” (emphasis added) – I have yet to see – the tested “reasonable quantity.”

Maybe therein lies the problem and the source of discrepancy.  What exactly is a reasonable quantity?  The question is Do people consume at a reasonable quantity?

I tend to think – probably not.  6-12 or more diet sodas per week, a pack of breath freshening gum per week, and various low & no calorie meals per week.  All add up to excessive quantities of Aspartame…To say nothing of HF corn syrup or soy lecithin.

The big question is:  Who paid for and conducted the tests?  when one compares notes on independent scientific findings – The results are much less favorable.

Study results of this type have all discovered problems with Aspartame consumption.  Some such results are reported by

I’d love to be part of a clinical trial to see if I can show the scientists the effects Aspartame has on my body and Multiple Sclerosis.

I don’t believe the immediate effects of a soda or two are not likely to have quantifiable harmful effects.  It’s about the overload that many are ingesting in an effort to loose or maintain weight, co either knowingly or unknowingly.

Coincidence Or Consequences?

It is interesting that the concerns about the obesity epidemic has been proportionately increasing since the widespread approval and use of Aspartame.

These concerns about obesity in our children is especially alarming because their bodies are even more susceptible to damage.

I would enjoy hearing your feedback & perspective on this topic.

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