Ban on plastic bottle litter in Grand Canyon thwarted by Park Chief

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From The New York Times

Weary of plastic litter, Grand Canyon National Park officials were in the final stages of imposing a ban on the sale of disposable water bottles in the Grand Canyon late last year when the nation’s parks chief abruptly blocked the plan after conversations with Coca-Cola, a major donor to the National Park Foundation.

Chris Rank/Bloomberg News

Coca-Cola distributes water under the Dasani brand.

Stephen P. Martin, the architect of the plan and the top parks official at the Grand Canyon, said his superiors told him two weeks before its Jan. 1 start date that Coca-Cola, which distributes water under the Dasani brand and has donated more than $13 million to the parks, had registered its concerns about the bottle ban through the foundation, and that the project was being tabled. His account was confirmed by park, foundation and company officials.

A spokesman for the National Park Service, David Barna, said it was Jon Jarvis, the top federal parks official, who made the “decision to put it on hold until we can get more information.” He added that “reducing and eliminating disposable plastic bottles is one element of our green plan. This is a process, and we are at the beginning of it.”


Another great reason to allow Industrial Hemp to be grown in America once again!  Bio plastic bottles left by careless visitors would quickly decompose & help keep our Parks clean & beautiful!  We must insist that manufacturing of bottles begin revamping facilities for cellulose bottles made from plants like hemp. PLEASE be responsible citizens & leave the places you visit cleaner than you found them.

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