How Can You Trust Anyone These Days?

With our own government, big banks, industry leaders, clergy leaders…you name them: All seem to have money & influence. I’m more apt to trust websites that don’t have all the “bells & whistles” because they are possibly just like myself, … Continue reading

Aspartame-Should You Consume it or Completely Avoid it?

What wasn’t presented to the FDA in a 1975 study: “In their investigation, the FDA 1975 Task Force reviewed a study done for Searle in 1969 by Dr. Harry Waisman, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin. The study … Continue reading

Are You Disabled & Searching for a Legitimate Online Marketing Business?

I Know I was, because there are so many misleading ones out there! Living & dealing with  a disability is not an easy place to be.  Suddenly or otherwise, you may be find yourself feeling like you’re trapped.  Feeling like … Continue reading