What Makes A Happy New Year?

Choosing Happiness


I am fairly certain that you are probably saying one of the following:

  • Oh, but you have no idea what I’m going through or,
  • That’s right, it is a choice to be happy or,
  • Oh another one of those feel good, do gooders! gulp, erp, gag me.

A Matter Of Choice

Choosing happiness is often not the easiest, immediate or obvious thing to be, do or have.

Trust me, I could spend weeks and months writing facts about my life’s experiences and circumstances but, why? Everyone has a story. Mine is best left to myself for this purpose.

Choices make all the difference

Choices make all the difference


My intent and desire is to say Happy 2015 and to share synergistic solutions for whatever compromised conditions that our choices can create without competition.

The broad stroke solution I’ve chosen is to become ever Better instead of Bitter.

This is rarely the easy choice. However, to me it is the only choice that does not perpetuate the negative effects I see prevalent around me.

Learn from past choices to bring changes to the present and a more pleasant future for all. May we all enjoy peace and abundance in 2015 and beyond. Live beyond limitations and be another survivor.

To our health,

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May you find all the peace, joy an laughter you can handle!