Can We Change Our Economy & our Environment with Industrial Hemp?

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Industrial Hemp Fuels Could Help!  

Science Daily Reports Global Carbon emissions reach record 10 billion tons, threatening 2 degree target…(Dec. 4, 2011)

 Global carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels have increased by 49 percent in the last two decades, according to the latest figures by an international team of scientists.

When we could be replacing many fossil fuel uses with Bio-fuel made from Industrial Hemp it is a crime not to have prohibitive laws which ban cultivating hemp reformed.

We have an untold amount of acres of land sitting unproductive .  The benefits to our environment by planting industrial hemp:

  • Has been shown to replenish the soil’s nutrients,
  • Reduces carbon dioxide (a natural plant process)
  • Uses less water
  • Requires no herbicides or pesticides
  • 1 acre of industrial hemp provides as much paper fiber in 120 days as 4 acres of trees in 20-40 years.
  • All of which help our environment & ecology.
  • Put our farmers back to work & stop subsidies…let farmers do what they do best!

Why – Just Why?

Why is the government continuing their agenda against industrial hemp at the cost of our employment, environment, economic & our export markets?

Could it be that they are…

  • personally profiting greatly from fossil fuels?
  • Or, personally vested in the herbicide & pesticide industries?
  • Ignoring the toxic processes of paper made from wood fibers?
  • Misinformed about the properties & potential profits of industrial hemp products?

Any one of these reasons is scandalous enough to cause a grass roots movement.

Again  I say that as American citizens need to vote, first with our dollars, & second with our ballots.

Vote with your dollars by purchasing hemp based products:

  • for personal use,
  • to give as gifts,
  • to protect our environment,
  • to reduce our carbon footprint,
  • reduce greenhouse gases,
  • to improve our economy.  A positive, creative approach is better than trying to compete with their big pocketbooks.

Because our policy makers are profiting so well with the current system, they have deceptively convinced the majority of the U.S. population that industrial hemp and marijuana have the same psychological effects and are dangerous.

The truth is that growing hemp in close proximity to marijuana reduces the psychoactive property of marijuana.  The ban on industrial hemp is in direct opposition to the fight against drugs, another case of wasteful government spending.

Support America, our environment, & your health!

Help improve our economy in the process.

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