Can We Get Corporations Out Of Our Government?

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Big Money Is Controlling Our Every Move.

Since the beginning of the human race humans have tried to find ways to make life easier, more convenient, less strenuous & more profitable.

For those of biblical persuasion Gen: 3:17…

I believe corporations first got a stronghold on our U.S. government in the late 1930’s & early 1940’S, when Dow, Dupont, Monsanto & Hearst convinced our government (as posted previously) that theirs was the only way to preserve our nation.  Consider these videos for other view points.

How can we continue to allow our government to brainwash us into believing this hogwash.

OK, so we’ll never create a utopia where we won’t need to labor for our food & comforts, but it sure could be a lot easier & less profitable for big businesses & organizations- the acronyms I wrote about previously.

I’m as much about preserving the planet,  expanding sustainability, & reforming our government as I am about my primary business. 

Make a difference & make your vote count in November.  Vote for Hemp!

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