Attraction Marketing Will Create Change

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Is “Change” Always For The Better?

A measure for change, SSDD, step up, improved, revolution

We seriously need to have monitors on what & how changes are decided & implemented!

A lot has changed…BUT, Is it all for the better?

Since change is the only do we monitor which changes to allow into our lives, our businesses, agendas, our psyche our hearts, our souls our culture?  Use Attraction marketing in a positive and productive way.

Sometimes changes are necessary evils or, requirements for survival.

Whatever the reason for it, CHANGE is rarely easy.  I know this is not necessarily newsworthy for most of you but, hear me out please.

What’s wrong with these pictures?

  • Invented spelling and whole language concepts seem to have increased illiteracy and nonconformism in an effort to preserve a student’s self-esteem.  I believe students want & deserve to be taught proper spelling before English is so distorted that its unrecognizable.  This change did not help.
  • Family media programming has changed to Reality TV programming.  I have noticed this causing rebellious behavior and bad attitudes even depression.  Why are folks spending so much precious time watching
  1. people’s cars get repossessed,
  2. divorces & domestic violence,
  3. lawsuits,
  4. DUI’s, you name it?  If I offended anyone that likes these shows I am entitled – I just don’t get it – These type programs aren’t improving humanity, mentality, attitudes, culture or society! How are these shows so attractive to anyone?  This is a perverted form of Attraction marketing.
  • Seems folks only want what they want or need without considering the problems their actions create for others. – Case in point – Because some folks abuse the handicap parking privilege, truly disabled people, like myself, now have to go back to the doctor to have a re-certification paper signed tri-annually to have that coveted hang tag.
  • Ask any person needing special parking whether they’d trade their malady to park elsewhere if they could…most, if not all, would.  WALK WHILE YOU’RE ABLE!
  • Food production drastically needs to revert back to organic methods, Non GMO and less packaged food products.  I am fairly certain that these types of food products (report on Aspartame) are the cause for the diabetes and obesity epidemics, the rise in chronic illnesses, fatigue, food allergies and migraine headaches to name a few.
  • Government mandates, mismanagement and muscle certainly need to undergo extreme changes.  As it is the whole scenario reminds me of Robert Heinlein’s book Time Enough For Love where our governments all fail and we have to move to other planets.

So, no – change is not always good, rarely easy or comfortable, but is inevitable.

Changes will always do either good or harm.

Speedometer on the globe shows eminent changes

Speeding toward catastrophic change!

Whether or not you are aware of or are ready for it, our energy resources require a change toward plant based biofuels, such as that made from industrial hemp,

  • The most hearty,
  • highest yield per acre,
  • least water required,
  • zero herbicide or pesticides needed,
  • most versatile and beneficial
  • most profitable.  I only see positive change here.

Whether you are aware or ready for it or not, our economy is undergoing a major change.  We are entering the Empathy-driven Economy.  Typical job markets are being streamlined, downsized or eliminated.  Our best bet is to design, develop and dive into our own passion filled, purpose driven possibilities.

I’ve joined a great mastermind team to help me learn the skills and strategies necessary to create my own online business in a niche’ which I’m building as a collaborator of fellow disabled entrepreneurs.  I’ll work with others too as I don’t discriminate!  The first step is to learn about Attraction Marketing with this Free PDF click to download your copy.

You too, can join with The DMC+ Team and start your own journey today.  Don’t forget your Free PDF above first.

The Renegade Network Marketer is an excellent publication by Ann Seig for those already in a Network Marketing business but not having much success at recruiting or selling your products.  Find out why with this presentation.

Some change is forced upon us by no choice or fault of our own.  The only thing to do is accept it, adapt to it, and accelerate toward adjusting to your new course.  I’d love the opportunity to collaborate with you to pool our talents, interests and abilities to change our circumstances.

If you are standing still, you’re certain to get run over & left behind.

Thanks for visiting & reading, commenting below, subscribing above & sharing everywhere!

To our health,

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