Change Resulting from the Greatest Tragedies Generate the Most Benefits!!

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When tragedy of any kind strikes, our common thought is often to ask

“Why Me?”  

To me that question is almost like wishing the circumstance should have happened to someone else.

Change is inevitable for everyone at any time or place.  What matters is our response to that change.  We can choose to allow it to defeat us OR we can choose to benefit from the experience.

We can become bitter & angry about any change, OR we can benefit by learning new skills & adapting to our new circumstances while gaining emotional maturity & personal growth.  Granted we aren’t chameleons; able to change in seconds or minutes…  it takes dedication & perseverance, hard work…and a BIG reason for making  the adjustments toward emotional maturity or personal growth.

I want to encourage anyone facing a diagnosis or accident that you are not that label & to look for the humor in “the littlest things.”  When you begin changing your personal attitude about circumstances which are out of your control you’ll feel that much more in control & can maintain your positive attitude.

Surround yourself with positive influences in family, friends, books, movies and online resources.  I found that when I focus on others then I can accomplish more.  I highly recommend you get & read 29 Gifts by Cami Walker.  

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