Changes & Innovations

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Nostalgic Notions

Roller skates gave way to electric scooters

Hide ‘n Seek gave way to electronic wizards

Red Rover gave way to cell phone-Itis

Checkers gave way to Internet chat rooms

Kick the Can gave way to kickin some butt

Jacks & Marbles gave way to couch potato sports

Reading good books gave way to cruising the triple W highway

Going outside to play gave way to instant messaging

Mom’s hand stitched dress gave way to sweat shop reproductions

Running to town gave way to traffic jams and brown clouds

Farm chores gave way to fuel burning servants

Home grown & home cooked gave way to fast-food gluttonous obesity

Lending a hand gave way to calling in a high-priced specialist

Lemonade on porch swings gave way to cross-country lunch flights

Till death-do-us-part gave way to uncontested drive-thru divorce

A man’s word and a handshake gave way to money-grubbing lawyers

Life is so much better now

Or is it?

(The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself!–you have a choice–adapt or abhor it & things will still change.  Adapt & remain healthy or Abhor & remain or become ill; mannered or physically.)


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