Choosing Your Treatment Options? Avoid Drug Interactions?

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Do you wish you didn’t have to be?

Treatment options should be more of a personal choice and not a doctor’s mandate.  So many folks spend more time going back and forth to one doctor or another than they do with almost any other activity in their lives – usually because of chronic pain!

Drug interactions can cause additional undesirable issues.

While I recognize that some conditions are life threatening enough that pain killers or medications are imperative. I also know that there are natural, non addictive treatment options for relief from some types of pain.

Don’t get me wrong here…I am NOT saying that you should listen to me instead of your doctor…just stating my preferences of treatment options and avoiding drug interactions.

I am just sharing my choice to be proactive in maintaining my chances of health in the event that a cure for MS is ultimately discovered.

It’s about Choices

My decision to not consume the current treatment options comes from personal choice, observations and personal faith.

First off let me state that fortunately, I don’t suffer the common chronic pain that many MS sufferers endure.  If I did I can’t be certain that I wouldn’t be taking pain meds too, because I’m a wimp on that point!

My personal faith causes me to believe and know that our bodies have an uncanny ability to heal themselves if given the correct balance of tools and having good habits.  Health is a habit NOT an event.

My choice to reject the current treatment options stems from the simple facts that the available treatment options create additional symptoms, side-effects and probable drug interactions that my body additionally would have to overcome when a cure is finally developed.

I’d rather not play this drug game where one prescription leads to more to counteract the side effects and offers no cure nor viable treatment options.  The risks of drug interactions is too huge for my comfort.

I am using and recommending a regimen of healthy eating habits, abundant H2O consumption, exercise, rest, avoidance of aspartame.

I’m also supplementing my nutrients with a line of products from my primary business opportunity.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

You see, I can only say how I feel as a result of my choice of treatment options compared to how I feel when I make poor dietary choices.  Many folks are unaware of the fact that there are at least three different forms of M.S.

It is quite bothersome to me that the number of people getting diagnosed with M.S. is growing so quickly.  So, my original thoughts since my diagnosis in 1993, is that there is an environmental connection; too much or not enough of something in our food, water air or soil.

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