Co-enzyme Q10’s Top 14 Reported Health Benefits

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CoQ10 is another essential nutrient that is produced naturally in healthy humans.

(Not intended to replace a physician’s care or advice.)

Molecular structure ofCoenzyme

Not very appetizing looking           at it this way is it!

Maybe you’ve never even heard of this nutrient and have no idea what it is good for.  This should help.

CoQ10’s main function is to convert food into energy, is a powerful antioxidant and is found in nearly every cell in the body.

Free radicals cause oxidation of cells which damage cell membranes, they tamper with DNA and even cause the death of cells – thus, they cause aging, heart disease and cancer for starters.

As with any supplement, our body’s ability to utilize fat soluble nutrients is probably compromised in the digestive tract and it’s ability to metabolize said nutrients.

The University of Maryland Medical Center suggest that CoQ10 may help prevent the following:

  1. heart disease,
  2. high blood pressure,
  3. high cholesterol,
  4. diabetes,
  5. gum (periodontal) disease,

The Mayo Clinic further suggests that CoQ10 may also be helpful for:

  1. age related macular degeneration,
  2. Alzheimers,
  3. cancer,
  4. chronic fatigue syndrome,
  5. Asthma,
  6. Parkinsons,
  7. Tinnitus,
  8. Huntingtons disease,
  9. Muscular Distrophies,
  10. Migraines, .and more.

Supplementing with CoQ10, as well as other fat solubles like vitamins D3, vitamin E, beta carotene, and krill oil is only as effective as what your body can absorb and utilize. OK, so you have tried taking supplements and really didn’t notice any benefits.

  • We can’t talk to our cells to know whether or not the supplements prevented a potential condition or not.
  • Often you may have noticed that your bladder began producing neon pee.
  • I often would get constipated.
  • All of this and more is caused by the fact that manufacturing uses synthetic nutrients which our bodies cannot utilize.

The above problems can be solved only because of a new patented technology that renders fat soluble nutrients to be water soluble.  This technology is called VizPur® and is exclusively available from one place.

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