Compromised Conditions Need Synergistic Solutions

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An Alternative to the Sick-Care Plan of Big Pharma…

Instant gratification!

Instant gratification!

Pharmaceuticals, surgery and “health care programs” all seem to me to be a bit like those oxymoron riddles such as…

  • What’s the opposite of progress – congress!  And these facts…
  • America is the greatest country on earth – Yet we have the highest obesity rate!
  • America is one of the wealthiest financially yet we rank 33rd for health according to Businessweek!
  • Too many of us are taking our health for granted and living on borrowed credit. Our bodies are so amazing because we can abuse them with poor eating habits, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, lack of water and who knows what all, yet it still keeps working…even if less than optimally!

Are the pharmaceuticals you’re prescribed helping you are they just covering up symptoms?

Are We Causing Our Compromised Conditions?

I understand that sometimes medical intervention is required. I also recognize that America is reported to have the highest prescription drug abuse problems.

We have been taught that we should trust and believe the so-called experts and authorities.

Does part of it have to do with that convenience factor again?  Sometimes it is just easier to run to the Dr. and get the “take two and call me in the morning prescription.”

Has our society completely become one of having an instant gratification mentality?

  • It seems that we think we can engage in sexual encounters – then take a pill & not be held accountable.
  • Eat enough food or three and take a pill to keep the fat off.
  • Sit around watching the tube, eating chips and drinking beer while wondering how we will get and maintain our 6-pack abs.
  • Trust me, I’m suffering the effects of past poor choices too.

 Fortunately, There Are Some Synergistic Solutions…

Synergism simplified means that the sum of one plus one is greater than two.

Every day with Multiple Sclerosis leaves me wondering whether or not to just seize the day and do whenever I want, or continue trying to improve my condition. I mean, we’re all going to die from something so why not enjoy life as it comes, right?

For whatever reason, I have to choose to try and improve my life, to make a difference, to have my life mean something, to possibly improve the possibilities for someone who is facing a similar challenge.

By maintaining the focus upon myself, I would only add to the mentality that seems to be rampant in our society – a “me first” attitude.  So, that is why I must continue searching and trying to find synergistic solutions to a problem that the “experts” claim is incurable.  Because it’s not all about me, therefore, I will continue my mission!

And there’s reasons I’m involved with these synergistic solutions too!  Water Soluble Nutrition, supplements that you can feel working and not wasted effort and money!

What synergistic solutions are you searching for?

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