Compromised Conditions – Without Compromising Your Worth

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Value Yourself Even When Others Don’t

Experiencing life with a compromised condition is stressful enough, without having to encounter people and things designed for those without these added challenges…prejudices, condescension, and misunderstandings abound.

This video is quite inspirational for those with a compromised condition because it is too easy to discredit ourselves.

As Scott says in the video, we either don’t believe in ourselves or we listen to those around us who say that “You can’t do that!” Or, “You’re not good enough to do it.”

We must not keep listening to the naysayers, and just follow our hearts.  We Damn Sure Can Do whatever we decide to do.  When we don’t know all the “how to’s and where for’s” there are coaches, mentors and resources available online everywhere.

Find or define your passion and purpose then make a decision to learn how to do what it is that you want to do.  That is the first step.  I’m in the middle of that process as we speak – or rather re-defining and redesigning.

A Willingness To Learn…

Appreciating what many others take for granted is a special gift and insight that living with any type of compromised condition can offer you if you haven’t grown bitter or are living in a world of self pity.

This is not to say that leading a life of quiet desperation is an option I would engage in – in fact that choice would make me feel worse than this compromised condition ever has.  I may be screwing this business up royally but I’m learning, growing and changing with each step.

Some, maybe many, may hold the opinion that I’m leaching the system, but trust me, I’d rather work 3 jobs than have to deal with the effects of M.S. (multiple sclerosis) or any compromising condition for that matter.

Because of my condition – my perspective on pharmaceuticals and my personal faith I have spent the past 25 years trying almost every new nutritional product to hit the market searching for a synergistic solution.

Recognizing that each of us is unique, having differing genetics, diets, habits, histories, faiths…(the list goes on) I would never say that what I do would have the same result for you or anyone else.

I will say that everyone does need to take supplements for optimum health.  The challenge here is, determining how much of what you’re taking is getting metabolized and absorbed?

Much of the tablets & capsules on the market are not easily broken down, processed an utilized by the body.  Much like the self-talk we listen to about whether or not we can do a certain thing, many supplements are purchased simply because of the information we allow to get absorbed into our thinking from publicized information.

I could talk all day about the incredible and immense benefits of the certain nutrients however, there are thousands of distributors, reps and advertisers out there claiming that they have the newest and best formula, supplement or system yet, until you try them for yourself I’m just another talking head to you.

Isn’t it time to redesign your worth?  You are worth every effort imaginable to maintain and improve your compromised condition.

Please share your experiences with the products and supplements you’re using.  Do you notice a difference?  Do you just take fish oil (for example) because the studies say you should?

Thanks for reading, subscribing above, commenting below & sharing everywhere!

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