Concerned About Your Heart Health? It Starts With Heart!

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 How Old Is Your Heart…Really?

Chronologically it matches your age.

How about the biological age of your heart?

Have a family history of heart disease?

Will the Boomer generation be the first to out live their children due to today’s dietary choices and habits?

You CAN actually improve your heart health without prescription drugs!

True health care does NOT come in a prescription bottle or a government mandate.  Those are sickcare programs!

Remember…”an ounce of prevention…I say… “Is worth more than a pound of cure.”

(added note 9/6/12 – While I can not currently recommend ForeverGreen as a business opportunity, Pulse8 IS a fantastic cardio health product all of us should be taking to help alter heart disease progression- true health care.)

For those of you searching for “heart & circulatory help,” you have found a natural, beneficial way to make a positive difference & avoid a major sign of cardiac arrest…sudden death.

ForeverGreen is about timeless principles of health & humanity.  It’s more than being about money. (Edited 8/30/12 – I can no longer recommend this as a viable income opportunity but they have some awesome healthy foods and great personal care products that can be purchased as a preferred customer at a 10% discount (it’s free to do so.  It’s all about having a vision based on principles.  I can’t make myself stand behind marketing something strictly based upon money or how much money I can make. Companies will always come and go, so that’s why I market ME not them.)

My mission & vision is about making a difference in my personal health so that…

  • I can make a difference in the health of others,
  • A difference in the environment,
  • An impact in our ecology, ways to help keep people employed,
  • Improve a fellow disabled friends, or a stranger I’ve not met yet.
  • Make a difference in society

To find out how to join me in the vision.  Become a preferred customer for free & get 10% off all products.

Try the products.

Thanks for reading, subscribing above, commenting below & sharing everywhere!

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