Consequences of Choosing Convenience & Comfort Over Correctness

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It’s not rocket science but inspired by a friend’s comment on my 3/17/12 “Green Day” post then I discovered this video:

Choosing Convenience & it’s Consequences

  • Buying Frozen pizza or TV dinners, equals extra inches AKA Dunlop’s disease,
  • Calling for delivery, – uses extra gasoline & creates extra smog,
  • Having the newest tech gadget, – increases landfill waste,
  • Watching television vs going for a walk after dinner, -also adds inches & increases health risks,
  • Throwing your trash out the window – No comment necessary here
  • Not restraining children in car seats, – distracted driving or injury or death of a child,
  • Not making time for our children, – fosters complacency, frustration & anger,
  • Not voting or voting without researching, – We get a corrupt government

Choosing Comfort & it’s Consequences

  • Not confronting a family member or friend, we become angry & resentful or divorced,
  • Not confronting a co-worker/boss, – We become discontent & burnt-out or unemployed,
  • Not visiting the dentist/doctor, – we get green teeth  & sickness,
  • Not stepping out of your comfort zone, – Your gifts & talents remain hidden,
  • Not trying to change your circumstances –  You can not become an online marketer disabled or not, writer or scientist even,
  • What comfort or convenience are YOU choosing over correctness?

Choosing Correctness

  • Research,
  • Recycle,
  • Reuse,
  • Renew,
  • Rebuild,
  • Restore,
  • Re-purpose,
  • Regenerate

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2/1/13..Revision…While the principles mentioned above are sound, I can no longer stand behind nor support the company and products spoken of at Restoration90.

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