Consumption Of Hemp Based Products For American Job Creation

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Because Consumers Create Jobs Not Capitalists

So let’s effect change in these antiquated laws by creating demand as Nick Hanauer explains in this video…

The rich capitalists are NOT going to create jobs for us – it’s the age-old concept of supply and demand that will create the jobs and stimulate the economy.

One of my newest and most favorite snacks and ingredients on salads and soups has become hulled hemp seeds.

Hippie Butter Hulled Hemp Seeds Hippie Butter Hemp Seeds

Sitting around complaining about the laws not being changed is not going to help anything. Supporting companies and products is the only thing that will make a difference.

America is the only country that still forbids growing this amazing plant.

Consumers create the demand – the demand creates the opportunities for the economy and provides the necessary jobs or production.

So no matter who wins this election we must do our part to help create the demand for hemp based products.

If you’re still under the impression that industrial hemp will cause drug  problems then all I can say is that you need to get some more information.

It’s time for an update… 4/8/14

Hemp is growing in awareness, acceptance and respect.

  • Hemp is being planted in 10 states this year.
  • Employment creation has already begun,
  • Environmental improvements are forthcoming,
  • Energy (green & sustainable) sources will begin to be utilized as well as creating bio degradable plastics.
  • Export taxes will increase as production increases.
  • More on this soon…please stay tuned

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