Contemplating Cannabis’ Cancer Cure, A Controversial Conundrum…

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Conspiracy or Capitalism…As an entrepreneur, disabled or not…providing value is king… 

What could be more valuable than life with health?  This video I found last night will describe Why I posted this today.

When the word cannabis is used it is common to have a person’s reaction be one of two thoughts:

  • Oh No- another drug addict! or,
  • Ahh, a 4:20 friendly friend!

As an online marketer I am presenting a third concept of cannabis which may be a new concept for some.

Cannabis indica comes from the industrial hemp plant & has no psychotropic effect.  I have always believed, as is stated in the video, that alternative medicines, usually coming from plants, are not available simply because a company can not get patents on a plant so there is no capital to be gained from these natural substances.

Therefore, the value I’m providing you fellow entrepreneurs is to check out the healthy, doctor recommended systems available for maintenance & prevention through the concepts of Restoration Biology.  (Edited 9-13-12 I’m sad to say that I can no longer recommend ForeverGreen as a business opportunity, however, their amazing products are not in question at this time.)

Neither does the scope of this post provide the space nor time to go into the political conspiracy & capitalism behind the cover up of the qualities of cannabis that have been hidden from the people.

How many other conditions could be improved or prevented if life’s conundrums weren’t always determined by profits & politics?

I look forward to meeting & working with you in maintaining your health!  I’d hate to think what condition I’d be in had I not started using the products available from Restoration Biology at ForeverGreen International.

Get started today, remember…An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

2/1/13..Revision…While the principles mentioned above are sound, I can no longer stand behind nor support the company and products spoken of here.

Thanks for reading, subscribing above, commenting below & sharing everywhere!

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