Convenience Society May NOT Be Convenient For Your Health

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Save Money & Choose The Original Convenience Foods!

With the recent announcement from Burger King of their trial home delivery service in two states I felt compelled to present a healthier idea.

While I understand that we live in a very busy society, everyone has to work long hours and maybe two jobs, but I suggest and recommend that everyone try to incorporate a raw challenge instead.

I’m pretty certain that most of you have seen or at least heard of the movie Biggie Size Me and how ill he became after only 30 days.

If convenience has become such a factor in your life, how convenient is it going to be to end up sick or in the hospital?

Maybe it’s more than convenience that compels us to eat at the fast food joints, maybe there is a huge laziness factor as well?

How difficult or time consuming can it be to pack a lunch consisting of fresh fruit, a Lara Bar, fresh vegetables or nuts?  These are the original fast foods and they will not leave you having to fight to keep the scales down!  This idea will see your on your medical bills and is a much more sustainable lifestyle!


Convenience Society May NOT Be Convenient For Your Health — 2 Comments

  1. Hey I stumbled on your webpage by mistake when I searched Live search for this issue, I have to say your site is absolutely useful I also really like the style, it is awesome!

    • Peter,
      Thanks for the kudos, glad you stumbled in & I hope you visit again. Truly, convenience of fast foods, most energy drinks or snack bars are not what they should be. I say if the ingredient list is hard to pronounce it’s probably not recognizable to our bodies either. To your health,

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