Attn: Disabled Entrepreneurs – Creating Always Trumps Competing

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And Even If You’re Not A Disabled Entrepreneur!

You have wasted enough time sitting around wondering how you were going to create a way to compete with all these gurus.

What can you create?

Tools you need to create and construct a new reality!

Chances are you have spent plenty of time on this dilemma of how to make money online  otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Believe me I know that dialogue… ” I need “A” but can’t get that unless I have “B” and “C” – I can’t get “B” and “C’ unless I have “A”.

Stop already… I am well aware that it’s easier to sit here and think it’s not fair…to think that it’s too hard, or that you have nothing to offer but, where is that getting you?

Or, if your circumstances say you have to sit there then, as a disabled entrepreneur let’s get creative and decide to create something new to start making money online.  Creating is more constructive than competing and being like everyone else.

The Internet has opened unlimited possibilities for a disabled entrepreneur.  I have personally adopted a song by the Avett Brothers called Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise. (watch the video on YouTube)

When you realize the limitless possibilities available to a disabled entrepreneur you’ll realize that disabled entrepreneurs have an advantage.

  • We may not be as distracted by physical activities!
  • We may have more time available.
  • We probably have a bigger WHY!  
  • We can help others with similar issues and concerns.

The biggest thing that’s left is to dissolve all those doubts and fears in our heads and move forward with that idea you created in your mind and heart.  It is best when you can utilize your desires, abilities and talents.

Dreaming about or thinking of an idea is like a smoldering ember – It only takes a bit of fuel to start a fire.

With complete understanding I recognize that you may think there are too many obstacles to overcome in becoming successful as a disabled online marketer… I am facing some of those obstacles -head on – myself and looking for and finding or creating ways to overcome them.

We Must Never Give Up…

It is only when we quit trying that the devil can win!

Having a team of like-minded individuals to work with can give you that help and support you may need.

Adaptations, inspirations and innovations are what created everything that is or ever will be!

I am envisioning a cooperative team effort of challenged people helping each other create and build a marketplace for each of our ideas within our own respective niches’ while working within our limitations.

The corporate ladder is built upon being competitive but I believe we can build something more creative where your “A” is complemented by my “B” and another’s “C” to create success for all.

It can all start by visiting my Team Up With Me page.  The Renegade Team is a beautiful starting block to keep us on target with the most up to date strategies and trends of what working today and what will work tomorrow.

There is no way I wish to compete with what Ann Seig has created, but we can take a step further and pool our special talents and abilities to help each other within the team.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!
Thanks for reading, subscribing above, commenting below & sharing everywhere!

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