Defining Your Destination…You Begin With The End In Mind

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WHY would anyone do anything if the end result doesn’t have any lasting meaning or purpose.

asphalt road rising into a tangled ball of pavement leading nowhereOtherwise it would be like a road leading nowhere…a circle drive with NO exit points.

Some days may feel like a road to nowhere when you aren’t focused on your end result.  Like a Mid-life paradigm (or crisis)!

Coming to a place in life where you need to make some decisions requires some thought and work.

When I came to this point in my life where I felt like I was on a road like that shown above…I took an inventory of my life & came up with…

  • A desire to make a difference in this world.
  • What functions my disability would allow.
  • My care and compassion for other people.
  • My past experiences with health products.
  • My writing and literacy skills training.
  • My interest in protecting and preserving Earth’s environment.
  • My tenacity, stubbornness.
  • A desire to help others.
  • A restricted budget and income.

I was needing to develop some skills to create a plan…

  • I needed affordable resources to build an online marketing presence.
  • Support in learning marketing skills.
  • Training in search engine optimization. (SEO)
  • Autoresponder training.
  • Personal branding and more

Then I set about researching how I could incorporate all of that into the next chapter of my life.  What could I do and become?

During that time of research, I was constantly reminded of two mantras

  • “Everything happens for a reason,”
  • “It all works together for good.”
My desire and intention is to see our world become a better place by changing existing attitudes and ineffective or destructive regulations.
One of the tools & resources I found to help me develop the skills I needed to put all this into action was The Renegade Team which will also help YOU build your niche, brand, skills too.  Join Today & get going!  Tomorrow will remain the same if we all do the same as today.

I may not have completely figured out my destination yet but, I’m taking little steps each day until I do.  When life floods in with all it’s events It’s like a stagnant pond…

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