Did you Know? There’s A 3 Step Process To Bring More Business Builders Into Your Network Marketing Business Starting Today?

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The number one question everyone wants to ask is…
“How do I bring in more business builders starting TODAY?”

We’re going to break that question down into three parts.

You’re going to get a little crash course on how it can be done. If you follow the right way of doing things from the start, your experience with network marketing will be much more pleasant.

Here are the three parts of bringing more business builders into your business TODAY…

  • Generate more leads.
  • Qualify those leads.
  • Close those leads.
  • First, you need to generate (more) leads.

    Leads are the life blood of your business. Without leads your business will sit in idle mode while life passes you by. So if you’re going to sponsor more reps today, then you need more leads yesterday. It’s really that simple.

    How are you going to generate more leads?

    You have two options:

    1. you can buy them or


    1. generate them yourself.

    Go with option two.

    The problem with purchasing leads is that the leads are generic. They’re general opportunity leads. In some cases, they may have no idea what network marketing is.

    For most us it’s very hard to cold call other people that truly have no idea what it is we’re talking about.

    So it’s just easier all the way around if you learn how to generate your own leads.

    I advocate that you generate your own leads for three reasons…

    a. You know where they came from and the context for which they opted into your capture page. This helps because you’ll know exactly what they are inquiring about. You’ll learn to talk to different leads in different ways depending on how they came into my funnel.

    b. When you generate your own leads … THEY ARE YOUR LEADS. These leads saw your ad, opted into your lead capture page. They want what you have or want to know what you know. This creates positioning and postures you as the leader (which you are).

    c. Third, you can generate those leads for free if you do it correctly. By selling a super valuable and related front end product while generating leads you’ll not only have a never ending flow of leads, but you’ll be earning money from them. If you’re using pay per click advertising, that money earned up front pays that bill. If you scale it, it will put money back into your pocket. It’s an

    How are you going to generate these free leads?

    I already alluded to this, but the best way is to create your own capture pages and advertise them.

    You can advertise in Ezines, Pay Per Click, Press Releases… there are a lot of ways to generate your own leads.

    Next, qualify your leads.

    Call your leads and qualify them for your time. You only want to speak with people who are serious about changing their situation. Don’t assume that everyone who becomes a lead will be a great prospect.

    That’s why it’s a good idea to have a front end product that sells for under $100.

    If a lead that comes into your funnel is unable to commit to highly valuable information that has the potential to change their life, change their business forever then they won’t make for a productive business builder.

    Other characteristics to look for in your ideal prospect…

    They’re coachable, have a strong desire to be successful, have a good positive energy, have the money to get started, and have the time and money to make it all happen.

    Most important when you’re speaking with a prospect is to listen.

    By truly listening you will be able to key in and find their real reason why.

    Why are they interested at all?

    Once you discover their reason for wanting to start a home business, you can begin to truly help that person.

    Finally, be sure to get a decision from your leads.

    This might be the most important part of the process.

    If you’re not getting decisions out of people then how will anyone ever say yes?

    Now in this part, you will mainly be talking to qualified leads.

    These people will have been through your funnel, and have all the information they need from you to make an informed decision.

    If you have done a good job with phases 1 & 2 then most of these prospects will just have some questions before getting started.

    If you start getting some objections, don’t worry. Objections are a sign that your prospect is truly considering your opportunity.

    Most people view objections as a bad thing. You shouldn’t.

    Let’s recap.

    As a network marketer, you should focus on developing these three main skills:

      • Generate more leads.
      • Qualify those leads.
      • Close those leads.

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