Disabled Entrepreneurs Can Create Inspiration For Others…

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Because we have such a competitive mentality.

From the time we are little kids until we’re on our death beds most of us have a competitive mentality.

Creativity is never competitive.

Whatever is thought of can be created. Are you creating positive and good things daily?

We are all so wonderfully created with such great variety in every aspect – except for our competitive genes – which we all seem to have.

It stands to reason that the Substance that created the universe, in all its forms, the physical, the emotional, the spiritual and even the sensual would also need to create varying forms of disability for complete expression of all realms…how do we know all that defines and describes “We were created in God’s image.”

It’s illogical to put the Creative Substance in a box that doesn’t allow for differences in everything…in form, function and appearance.

OK, so I know we who are “disabled”, often weren’t created disabled.  However, I do believe we each were created with the substance that helps us to deal with the disability with inspiration which is the same substance used to create everyone.

Since the dawn of time we have competed for food sustenance and to claim a mate. Later on to gain more attention from our parents, teachers, peers and employers.  All competition is for the purpose of gaining power.

Competing vs Creating

Gaining power is the only reason I can see that causes us all to be so competitive.  I am so grateful that we, for the most part, can each create what we can think to create.

What a better world we can create hen everyone would focus on creating something positive for the good of all rather than trying to create destruction for others in order to gain more power – competitive vs creative.

Whatever your religious beliefs are, aren’t we all made from the same basic substance?  The substance that everything is made up of is the same substance that we can use to create whatever we can think of creating.  This substance will never be all used up.

An adorable little girl posing beside her masterpiece with paint on her face and hands.

Let’s work together and see what we can create for the good of all.

I am so grateful for everything that has been, and will be created for the good of all.  All of these things have been created by someone thinking about a problem, and creating a solution by acting upon that thought.

These are the thoughts I’m learning from Wallace Waddles book, The New Science of Getting Rich.

Let’s all grow out of competing for what is “mine.”  We are no longer 2 years old, we can recognize that there is more of this Thinking Substance… that we don’t have to have what everyone else has because we can create whatever we desire.

What ever caused you to be disabled shouldn’t be allowed to stop you from becoming the disabled entrepreneur that can create something to change the world!  Click here: Team Up With Me or on the tab above and let’s get started!

Act on your inspiration!  Let’s support each other to create solutions through inspiration.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I want to go work, on what I want to create for my fellow disabled friends!

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