Disabled Entrepreneurs, Do You Ever Feel Trapped By The System?

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Everyone probably has at some point.

golden stick figure mime inside a glass boxHow often does one hear “I hate my ——–.”… job, life, boss, wife, hair, husband…fill in the blank.

Sure, there are plenty of reasons to feel like our foundation is as fragile a a glass house set next to the ball park!

Like this mime, each of us have golden potential & possibly we have not “lived up to it” nor discovered our aptitude, gift or talent.

For those who are, like myself, enduring a condition, a disease or effects of an accident adds additional barriers & challenges it may be harder to define those gifts and talents.

Having read many books offering someone’s experiences or interpretation of “how to” overcome, to heal, to change your circumstances…I’ve come to one conclusion:

It’s Not What Happens To You, But What You Do About It.  I saw W. Mitchell probably 15 years ago & his message has stuck with me daily since then.  Here’s one of his videos.

Without presuming to know what you’re going through, nor do I wish to have anyone have to hear or read about all I have endured, I will say again that we all have within ourselves golden qualities which can be nurtured & developed into a skill we can use to become more than we are; to become online marketers, and entrepreneurs.

Remember…It’s what you choose to do about whatever happens to you.  LIFE HAPPENS! Are you better or bitter?

“The system” is what it is, those of us on SSDI, SSI or any other assistance program must abide by their guidelines in order to remain there.  I’ve jumped through so many hoops & taken numerous tests to determine my direction only to be told that “the system” won’t fund my chosen path so I’m left with “doing it myself.”

We all have choices, what will you decide to do?  Joining The Renegade Team with me will help you with resources to research and implement the possibilities available in this New Digital Era.

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