Disabled Entrepreneurs As Survivors & Connectors

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Being A Survivor With A Disability Requires Tenacity And Courage …

I happened upon this survivor profile this morning at The Survivor Club while doing some market research this morning. My results follow:

*** After studying the personalities and patterns of people who have overcome every kind of adversity, five main Survivor Types emerge. The chart below shows the percentage of people who fall into each of the five Survivor Types, according to our test results from around the world.

Your Survivor Type: CONNECTOR

Your Survivor IQ tells you precisely which kind you are. After analyzing your answers, it’s clear that you’re a Connector. You overcome incredible adversity by harnessing and mobilizing the power of your relationships and bonds with other people. You are deeply devoted to your family and friends. Your love for your parents, spouse, partner, children and friends motivate you to tackle enormous obstacles. You know that your family and friends depend on you and need you. You hold these relationships sacred, and you will go to any lengths to protect and preserve them. You draw strength from these primary relationships and you often rely on support groups or social networks to help you through difficult times. You’re able to lean on others for aide and you know how to reach beyond your regular circle of friends to find the help you need. You’re a good networker who makes the most of your connections. You often feel great empathy for others who are struggling. You take care of other people before you look after yourself. You’re good at reading strangers and situations. You know how to get along with others. You play well on teams and work effectively with others to get things done. You survive because of your powerful bonds. You would endure anything – and go to any lengths – for the people you love. Above all, you’re a Connector. To see what it really means to be a Connector, consider the true story that appears in the Survivor Case Studies.

What Does All This Mean For You ?

As a disabled person it is all too easy to become discouraged and stick your head in the sand… To disconnect… To hide out!

Other people need your street smarts.  We need to connect with others if we’re going to make it as entrepreneurs.

While the survey indicates that I’m not much different than anyone else, -not a minority – the survey doesn’t know or take into account the mountains of obstacles that YOU and I have overcome… Our “street smarts.”

The biggest part of “street smarts” is common sense.  It’s not really something you can learn in school – I think it must be at least partially innate.

The best of “street smarts” comes from attending the school of hard knocks — to use an old cliche.

On another part of street smarts can be found in books of young adult fiction authors such as those in Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech.  That shows how things are not always as they appear from the outside.

It’s not very often that street smarts count when applying for a corporate job either so being an entrepreneur with a disability uses much more common sense.

The Internet provides a way to connect with others who are interested in your “street smarts” – your experiences.

My journey has brought me to becoming a member of the Direct Marketing Coach Team. (DMC+)

Through the DMC+ I am learning ” Internet Highway smarts.”  There is so much to learn about navigating the triple W highway and I still have a lot to learn.

My street smarts don’t apply here very well but common sense does.

That the nice thing about the DMC+ team.  We have a dedicated Facebook group of solo entrepreneurs ready and waiting to answer questions, provide feedback and help you succeed with your goals too.

I consider this group to be THE mastermind group. We are a worldwide group coming from all different backgrounds, skills, interests and life experiences.

Common sense tells me that we all need connectors and connections to keep our heads out of the sand and become all that we are and can become.

Join us today at The DMC+ Team.  I’ll see you on the inside.

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