Disabled Online Marketers – Are You Afraid Of Success?

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And Causing Your Own Failure?

Previously I wrote a post about being stuck in the system. (read it here)


Road sign says "Welcome to Frustration- don't stay too long

Make a decision to DO something proactive and constructive.


Working your way off of SSDI can be a scary prospect for those of us dependent upon Medicare for our Health Care.

While I think there’s something seriously wrong with the way our Social Security program works, I’m very grateful for it at the same time.  Trust me – I know the feeling of fear of success!

Because there are constant threats in regard to Social Security and Medicare I am working to become that disabled entrepreneur and building my own – ME.inc.

When you are receiving SSDI benefits and you try to earn other money then your benefits could be taken away from you.  This will cause that fear of success, and therefore may create a system of self-sabotage.

Man behind bars trying to pry his way out bare-handed

Ever feel like a wrongly      convicted prisoner?

If that same someone sits around doing nothing then they are considered to be a low-life by the general population.  Where is the purpose, dignity or self-fulfillment in that?

I just can’t believe or accept that the Supreme Creator had in mind for you, or me, to be imprisoned by our circumstances.

I believe the Supreme Creator intended for us to grow and shine right where we are planted – that we might live more abundantly.

Have the faith to believe that there is always a solution, and the perseverance to keep looking for it.

Maintain your patience in the process and if one thing doesn’t work out, try another.  Success can be yours if you don’t ever give up.

Creating something that is also good for everyone is always better than selfish motives.  Therefore, in your search for a solution, always keep others’ needs in mind.

Steps To Getting Started…

  • Take responsibility in deciding for yourself whether or not you want to take this journey.
  • Take an inventory of your interests, skills, hobbies and abilities based upon your belief system.
  • Determine the demographics of other people who could benefit from your product or service. (Likely to be people with similar interests or in the same pain as yourself.)
  • Connect with a mastermind group to help you with the areas that you may not be as skilled at handling.

The Renegade Team is my mastermind group.  I have a long way to go still but, each day I take steps toward overcoming my fears and learning new skills in becoming a successful online marketer with a disability .

The Renegade Team is ready and waiting for you to jump onboard and begin creating your own success story.  Join today and I’ll see you on the inside.

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