Disabled Online Marketers Overcome Obstacles Objectively!

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Ohhh, The Things Many Perceive We Can’t Do! 

Maybe I’m the guilty one here but, it is my perception of the so-called “normal” crowd, that there is no conceptualization of “life for the smaller physically challenged crowd.”

lively conversation at a sports bar with friends at a tall table

Eye level table to a person in a wheel chair! How am I going to eat at this table?

I & my partner (also physically challenged) & a couple of friends met at a local Sports Bar to watch the recent Denver Nuggets & LA Lakers Playoff game last Saturday night.

Side note –What a well played & entertaining game, & I’m not even an avid Basketball follower!

What I’m referring to here is that the the general populace has little to no perception of their surroundings.

Since my partner & I are only physically challenged (meaning not mentally also), we like to get out in public & go to various public events & functions…not meant to imply that the mentally challenged should not do so also, please don’t take me wrong here.  (must have all these qualifiers)

I only wish to make a few public declarations:;  It’s amazing that even with ADA regulations, how many situations cause funny, frustrating or frantic circumstances for those of us using wheel chairs or scooters.

Not being one to cause a stink or draw attention to myself I just want to point out a few things I had not considered about “Life in a Wheelchair,” prior to having to use one.

  • Those tall bar table& stools.  (My plate is above my head! How…? What…?)
  • The bathroom accessible stalls.  (Able bodied need not enter except in dire emergency)
  • Display racks. (personal attendant  & periscope required)
  • Being at Ass in the face level. (No Farting Zone tattoo on my forehead wouldn’t even help in a crowd)
  • Impatience about waiting for another in mobility device. (You might accidentally get run over!)

All I’m saying is that being a Self-advocate without being obstinate & disagreeable will get you further than pitching a fit & demanding your “rights.”

It is our job to educate the public & pleasantly request accommodations.

I wonder if anyone would employ the disabled to go around floor plans & look for obstacles & hindered surroundings?

As Online marketers we must do the same type of things.  We must search out alternative methods of presenting our goods & services to serve our fellow special needs community.

Our objective is to become successful online marketers in the same right as anyone else.

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Thanks for visiting & reading, commenting below, subscribing above & sharing everywhere!

To our health,

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