Disabled Entrepreneur & Stuck In The System? Want to Work Your Way Out?

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It’s time for a change!

In reality, everything functions around the science of “the survival of the fit-est.”  In reality…”stuck” is a mindset.  As a disabled entrepreneur you can begin working your way toward a new purpose.

As a disabled entrepreneur YOU can and should learn to be more creative about marketing yourself and discover the multitude of “life skill values” YOU could offer others. (We’ll come back to this later.)

Again I Ask, “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

The Social Security System has helped countless people, like myself, who might otherwise be impoverished, starving, and miserable.  I am extremely grateful and thankful for the system.

Once you’ve found yourself disabled and worked your way into the system, it is self-defeating to want to stay where you can never create financial wealth for yourself but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary so I’m speaking to the disabled entrepreneur who is able and willing to work on gaining a little or a lot more.

You and me who are truly challenged with a disability aren’t really content or happy staying there.  Those of us with any ambition at all are always seeking another avenue of self-expression, a way to have a purpose.  Truly.

Choosing between right & wrong.

What do you really gain from a        “free ride?”

Unfortunately, too many people think that it would be a nice easy ride to sit back and collect SSDI or SSI and not have to work any longer.  It seems to be the mentality of many these days, its based upon the idea that “I’m entitled,” or, “that it’s owed to me,” or “I deserve it .”

What kind of survival mentality or mode does that create, really?

Can we really blame anyone for wanting something for free? I mean, who doesn’t like a freebie?  Consider the thought of not living your life on purpose with decision, direction and dedication…that can look and feel like a devastating train wreck.

Those who are truly disabled would rather be healthy and “able-bodied.”  It’s my personal opinion that everyone has some sort of disability but most won’t acknowledge or admit it and still think they are “normal.”

I think and believe that most “normal” people would rather have a purpose, vision or mission to occupy their time and mind.  I think that many disabled entrepreneurs have this type of mindset.

I could get really preachy with you right here… For those of the Bible persuasion here are a few examples that come to mind,

  • there will always be the poor and disabled (sick) among you,
  • if you do not work you will not eat,
  • idle hands are the devil’s playground,
  • occupy until I come,
  • Can we really believe we “deserve” anything good – based on Bible teachings?

So, my apologies for getting off on a little rant.

My point is, the system requires you to remain dependent or lose your benefits.  If you try to contribute to society and participate in commercialism then you loose your benefits.

While it is true, there are programs available that you can follow their guidelines and work your way off the system, they don’t allow for much freedom of choice or direction, you must do it their way with their approval or they won’t fund your idea/plan.

There are predetermined guidelines as to what you’re allowed to create and strict parameters as to how and what that the system will help you with.  These programs don’t do much for the freedom of expression, your personality or your interests.

Our culture and society has evolved into The New Empathy Economy using Attraction Marketing methods to help YOU survive being disabled.  Let’s not focus on our disabilities but rather our abilities, determination and desires.

I’ve gotten a bit long winded here so I’ll continue this next time…In the meantime, keep thinking and dreaming and envisioning what YOU might bring to this New Empathy Economy as a disabled entrepreneur.

I am in the process of creating & building a “Way OUT!”  Check out my Work With Me page…it is improving and morphing daily as I fine-tune my mission, vision and purpose.

Thanks for visiting & reading, commenting below, subscribing above & sharing everywhere!

To our health,

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