Discover & Define Your Destiny With A Disability & Then Develop It

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Taking An Inventory Of Your “Self” Can Help You Determine Your Direction…

You are a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins

Now get out there and share your goodness!

When you are faced with life changing, redefining circumstances, you still need to find a purpose and a passion in what you do.

Being diagnosed with an unpredictable condition such as Multiple Sclerosis is earth shattering for anyone…even for the strongest ones.

The entities in power, (Social Security & Vocational Rehabilitation to name a couple) think they know what options are available & possible in the traditional job market.  The standard or typical markets are becoming obsolete & devalued.  These organizations will only provide help within the confines of traditional methods & markets.  Those markets are no longer working.

  • You must ask yourself what matters most to you?  
  • What is important to you?  
  • What life experiences have you been through that you can share with your audience?  

Enjoy this video from the Kauffman Foundation about making entrepreneurs more successful.

What I’ve been learning about what is recommended, or basically required, for becoming a successful online marketer with a disability can be quite overwhelming and daunting.

Attraction Marketing is big buzz word in the online marketing world & empathy is the driving force propelling it.  Attracting others that empathize with who you are, why you are who you are is your main objective.  Then the goal is to design your purpose and mission to suit your interest and goals.

Everyone has their own set of strengths, skills, abilities and challenges that can be developed into a strategy to use to build an online following and a fan base.

That is why I’m proposing that we, differently abled folks, form a collaborative force to help each other succeed in this newly forming Empathy Economy Marketplace.

I have much more work to do on this as well.  Beginning where you are is the most logical place to start, right?

There are four categories to draw from to start developing your niche, purpose and value.  Ask and answer for yourself some simple questions such as:

  • What are my values & beliefs?
  • What are my skills?
  • What are my life experiences?
  • What are my goals and dreams?

Your answers will lead you to WHO you can help…Who needs what you have to offer?

I must get back to work on these very tasks and I’ll be back tomorrow with more. Oh, BTW these are the same tasks needed for fully able bodied folks too!

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To our health,

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