Dissolvable Vs Soluble (micellized) Nutrients – What’s The Difference

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There is a major difference between dissolvable and water soluble which we’ll get to…

Core beliefs –

While I believe that most people recognize that science and human knowledge is growing at phenomenal rates; we can also recognize that each human has formed a set of personal core beliefs based on personal events and experiences, nationality, religious and cultural beliefs, personal preferences, familial life, education, aptitudes and so many more factors.

Official and Cultural Influences –

In America, at least, we are raised to trust and believe in the establishment of our regulative & “protective” entities. (i.e. FDA, AMA, ADA, USDA and many others).  We trust in the science, in technology, and a lucky few can also trust their parents – at least to a degree!

These said same organizations have done the research & studies, “proving” that we need these established RDA’s – now called Daily Values meaning the minimums required to say alive.  It was also determined long ago that the most critical nutrients are the fat soluble ones, which means they need a lipid transporter. These critical nutrients include CoEnzymeQ10 (which is within every cell of a healthy body)- and Vitamins A, D, E, & K and Omegas or EFA’s. CoQ10 alone is a whole topic for another day.

All occur naturally in a “perfect” human’s body sustained by consumption of proper nutrients and hydration – provided that there are not others factors that interfere with the processes.

Here’s some info about the need for vitamin D. http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/vitamin-d/

This information created an entire multi-billion dollar supplement industry that many trust and believe in their personal experiences and results of using these supplements.

Constantly New Technologies and Studies –

A very recent report has come out apparently debunking the previous studies as being “a waste of money.” http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/270345.php

I won’t deny these findings for one second simply because they are studies based upon dissolved synthetic, man-made supplements that our bodies cannot effectively absorb or process.  So yes, it can create expensive pee, and it’s also hard on our organs. Even though humans are 70% water, many of these pills still may not dissolve and certainly can’t effectively be absorbed.

The issue I want to discuss here is the difference between dissolved in water & water soluble.  As we know, lipids do not dissolve in water as shown here.

The idea that the traditional supplements are useless is just about like “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” and like saying we can no longer benefit from these essential nutrients. That notion is ridiculous

However, because science does not lie, new patented Swiss technology has made these essential nutrients water soluble and able to enter the cells and cross the blood brain barrier just as they did in our optimal state of perfect creation.

I look forward to helping you address your health challenges & answering any questions you may have regarding this technology. Pay NOW for preventative or intervention, or pay big pharma later!

Do you have mysterious symptoms that you haven’t found relief for? Or know someone else who does?

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