Do Semantics Really Matter in Your Keyword Research as Online Marketers?

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What does semantics really mean?

I need to address the confusion about my intended meaning of “hemp.”


It’s all about how a word or phrase is interpreted.

  • Its about an individual’s personal experience.
  • It may also be a matter of influence.
  • A matter of association

The word “hemp” is a glaring example.

Hemp, one of my blog topics, is just such a word to stir up controversial conversations and critical judgements.

From a search perspective, users have a very clear goal in mind when they search using a specific word.  Their search results could return some very unrelated results for their intended meaning.

Currently, a search for “hemp seeds” could mean a couple different things; either a grower or someone looking for the nutritional benefit of protein the seeds provide.

Visitors to my blog have, for the most part, perceived that I am all about the current medical marijuana craze!

This is due to many factors…

  • The fact that I have M.S.
  • The War on Drugs agenda
  • The push for medical uses of marijuana (hemp’s cousin”)
  • The mixed-up use of slang terms or code words
  • Prejudice and preconceived ideas or opinions
  • News or radio media’s influence

Please don’t assume that I’m a marijuana user or that industrial hemp & marijuana are the same plant.  Industrial hemp is, in my opinion & findings, much too beneficial & potentially profitable for our government to maintain it’s position on banning it’s production.

Even I believed that hemp was the exact same plant as marijuana until I started doing the research myself.

Big Money Corporations started The War on Drugs about (circa 1935) the time of the development of crude oil, chemical herbicides & pesticides from Dow Chemical & the newspaper giant- Randolph Hearst.  Collaboratively they created the Reefer Madness Campaign.

I would guess that the reefer madness era started calling marijuana hemp to hide their use of marijuana.

Media: Medical marijuana is big news & related stories feed peoples fears & ideas taught by programs like D.A.R.E.  There are certain folks that possibly won’t ever accept the positive benefits of either variety of cannabis.

I am certain that both varieties have responsible uses & planetary function for humanity & the earth’s sustainability.

Understandably, some have had bad experiences related to the use or abuse of marijuana which has been interchangeably termed as hemp.

So it is as much a matter of semantics as opinion.



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