Do We Have ANY Idea How absurd U.S. Farm Subsides are?

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Our health & well-being is on the line here.

As an online marketer sharing info about the environment, economy, employment & energy for America,  I am compelled to share these clips as I find them.

Sharing health, kindness & opportunity is what I’m all about.

Since this clip is eloquent, thought provoking & informative I’ll let you view it & ask you to start a conversation by posting your comment below.

As American citizens we desperately need to make our voices heard in Washington.

This kind of information which I received from my subscription to Dr. Mercola’s newletter  is highly in alignment with my message on this blog.

I can only hope that we don’t eventually discover that many of the illnesses, diseases & syndromes that are currently on the rise are caused by our manufactured food supply.

Big Pharma has a job 24/7 trying to synthetically manufacture drug therapies to combat the consequences of our manufactured dietary convenience food diets.

There is a lot to be said for nature’s convenience foods!  You really can’t improve on God’s garden.  What do you think you’ll do if policies don’t change?baskets overflowing with a large variety of fresh veggies

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