Do You Trust Our Food Supply?

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Willie Nelson Doesn’t, & I Don’t Either. Occupy Our Food Supply!

Willie NelsonGotta love Willie!

It’s gotta make ya wonder though…

How do we win this war?  Given Willie’s influence, public status, money, fame, time and effort applied…What will it take to force change?  I mean really?…

The persistent denial of access to the greatest resource of the earth…industrial hemp as a multi-billion dollar resource for food, fuel, ecology, employment…persistently denied.

Our food supply is a basic human right, is it not?  Else our society is zooming toward a Jetson’s push button or Soylent Green type meals.

Have we become so complacent that we just throw our hands up saying “there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Do we believe that it really doesn’t matter because we are too busy, or that you are still healthy so our food supply must not be that bad.

I think the fact that we are still alive is only a testament to the fact that we are living in the most amazing vessels ever created…the human body!

I am convinced that I am battling Multiple Sclerosis, in large part, due to the fact that I consumed about a case of Tab per week (a diet cola) in the early 80’s, & ate packaged/processed/& fast foods as my food supply.

A standard American diet…S.A.D for short.

I was going downhill fast.  Heading into a bed-ridden state.

One of the hardest things for me to see is a grocery cart with diet sodas and people believing they are helping themselves cut back on calories.

Doesn’t it seem strange that the infusion of low or no calorie sweeteners & things like pink slime, & more, into our food supply coincides with the rise in obesity, syndromes, disorders etc?

I am certain that it is not my imagination because I have unknowingly consumed some of those ingredients, only to suffer a digression of symptoms.

Aspartame causes more disruption in my coordination & ability to walk.

Fast & packaged foods & aspartame cause me fatigue, muscle weakness, & sleepiness.

My challenge to you is to “Do do a 10 Day Raw Food Diet” & drinking water only…see for yourself if you don’t gain energy, sleep better & loose weight.

Check out the 14 different categories-each with 4 different package choices at Restoration90.  These foods, essential oils & products are NON-GMO & as organic as possible.

Take the 10 day Raw Promise Challenge at Restoration90.

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1/31/13..Revision…I can no longer stand behind nor support the company and products spoken of here.

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