Do You Try To Hide Your Disability Like FDR Did?

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How Does That Help Our Plight For Inclusion?

As more people with compromising conditions are becoming more open to participating in “Life” our struggle for acceptance and inclusion is becoming less of an issue. We must continue to be seen and be as active as possible.

I’d like to think that the days of people with disabilities hiding out or being hidden out because of shame or embarrassment as in the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt are long gone.

Sure, we are not hiding out any longer, but there’s still a stigma and some discredit afforded those of us who are not completely and physically able-bodied.

You may know that most humans and animals learn ways to adapt to our situations and surroundings without much trouble.

man juggling knives

man juggling knives

With M.S. it seems like a never ending tasks to find whats going to work from day to day. What is workable one day may not be in a few hours or a couple days or months!  Dealing with this disease can often make one feel as if they are juggling knives as a novice.

I feel very blessed to have been living with this challenging disease for over 20 years and I’m still driving, working and fairly mobile.  Granted, I still have some type of wheels under my hands or my butt whenever I leave my chair, but now I’m seeing amazing results with my newly discovered water soluble CoQ10, D-3, krill oil and other normally fat soluble nutrients!

The important thing for everyone, especially those facing physically, mentally or socially challenging or compromised conditions is that we all need to remain social and active…to LIVE.

When first diagnosed in 1993, I was very concerned about what to expect as far as which activities I would even be able to maintain.  With equilibrium issues it was a painful realization to not be able to ride my bicycle any longer. Being a favorite activity, this was a crushing blow.

Knowing also the embarrassment  of wondering what people thought of me which, I’ve long since gotten over. (funny that the word embarrassed sounds like “I’m bare assed”) I do care what people think of me and that’s why I conduct my life with a high standard so that I am as upright and honest as I can be.

As I’ve written previously, I learned quite young that a challenge should only cause me to search for, find or create a synergistic solution to all of my compromising conditions and circumstances.

Over time the majority of people will learn to find or create alternative solutions to match their desire for thriving or survival.

Deciding your Level of Success –

For those able to maintain a bit of functionality and a desire to pursue becoming an entrepreneur I’d enjoy working with you to get your own business started.  Your possibilities are limited mainly by your own self-doubts…however, even those can be overcome. My biggest challenges were finances & time management.

Global possibilities

Global possibilities

Having finally found three different simple vehicles to generate income from home with little financial risk or investment I’d feel honored to share with anyone without risking my reputation and certainly not yours either. I’ve had my fill of the “get rich quick” schemes, the “fake it till you make it” mentality, and the “buzz word” bombs.

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