What are the best energy efficient building materials?

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Hemp building materials!

I know you’re probably thinking it sounds crazy but, it is true that there are entire warehouses & homes built out of hemp bricks. Naturally, these buildings are not in America.  

  • These bricks are called hempcrete,
  • are 10 times stronger than concrete bricks or cinder blocks
  • stronger & safer to use in earthquake zones.
  • fireproof, and highly bullet resistant
  • waterproof, & mold and mildew retardant
  • completely free of insect and rodent pests
  • Buildings constructed of hempcrete blocks require no heating or cooling systems to maintain a comfortable temperature- now that’s green energy!
  • I’m envisioning an entire revolution in the construction industry using these types of products.
  • Imagine some type of spray which could be formulated containing hemp fibers to coat existing structures which would save enormous amounts of energy.
  • Hemp fiber insulation is more efficient, non abrasive & shares the same qualities of hemp bricks (above)

    Hemp fiber insulation

The biggest challenge is to get our government to Re-legalize and decriminalize Hemp as an agricultural crop.  This would create HUGE new industries & jobs while cleaning & protecting our environment!

What are we waiting for…we must band together & make our political leaders re-legalize Industrial Hemp.  It’s NOT marijuana. Why don’t we have these products readily available in the USA?

Image credits:
*Hemp fiber insulation- http://natureproinsulation.co.uk
*Hempcrete Http://humor.gunaxin.com


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